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Add on

Add on Module

This section describes how to use the Add on menu in the toolbar.

Add on Overview

Add on are additional features and tools that add functionality to your store and management interface. When you purchase BitCart, some Add on are already available. As other Add on are developed and made available, you can download them and run them as part of BitCart.

Click Add on in the toolbar, and then click Manage Add on.

Use the Add on > Manage Add on screen to see the Add on that are available to use (whether or not you are actually using them at the moment). BitCart also checks whether any new Add on have been developed and released, and displays them in this screen.

Note: Use the Add on settings in Cart Settings > Add on specify which of BitCart's Add on you want to use, and to configure the Add on that you are using. You can also see instructions on using each add on in this screen.

Viewing Add on

The Add on can be viewed by clicking Add on > Manage Add on. Available Add on are shown in figure above.

The Add on that are currently installed in BitCart display in the Available Add on section of this screen are displayed under Add on name with associated action. There are two types of actions can be taken.

    1- Run this Add on

    2- Add on Settings

    Click on Run This Add on () to execute add on.

    Click an Add on Add on settings () link to go to the Cart Settings > Application settings > Add on Settings screen.

Note: Some add on can be controlled from elsewhere in the BitCart interface. For example, the Latest orders XML feed add on can be controlled from the Orders menu in the navigation bar.


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