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What are available add-ons in Bitcart and how can I view them?

The available add-ons are:

Store Permission: Checks proper permissions for files and directories.

Customer Email Change: Changes customer email.

Latest Orders XML Feeds: Exports your latest orders as an XML feed.

Point Rewarding System: Add points to user account, based on each spending by using this add-on.

To view available add-ons, go to admin panel, by navigating to "Add on" area and click on "Manage add-ons" button. You will see a list of available add-ons, which are available for running with your online store.

How can I run add-on in my online store?

You can run add-ons by logging into admin panel, navigating to "Addon Settings" under the "Cart Settings".

You will see a list of available add-ons under "Standard Settings" tab. Select add-ons, you want to add or run in your store. Press "Save" button to save your changing.

To change the settings of any add-on, navigating to "Manage Addons" under the "Addon".

Addon allows you to add extra and useful features and functions to your shopping cart application, which improves performance of your store.

Do you provide custom add-on service, what will be the cost of custom add-on?

Yes, we provide custom add-on service for those who requires specific featured add-on other than available add-ons.

The cost of custom add-on service depends upon the type of additional functions and features.

You have to contact our support team to request custom add on development by following support channels

As you provide us your custom add-on requirements, we will provide technical support immediately.

How can I add specialized functionality to my e-commerce store?

You can contact us to add specialized functionality and custom development to your store by using:

Our professionals will contact with you for getting requirements, you are looking to add in your online shopping cart website.

You can even extend shopping cart functionality by our custom upgrade service. We will customize your online store by adding more improved functionality ranging from customized template design to customized development functionalities.

How Points Rewarding System works?

Points Rewarding System allows you to offer points to your customer on purchasing any products from your online store. You can specify criteria that how reward points are calculated. To do this, click on the Addon in left bar in admin panel, choosing the point rewarding system option.

Here you can define the criteria that how can it be calculated...

Enter Dollars $: means if a customer spends this much amount then he/she rewarded with this much points entered in "Enter points against each $:"

For example:

If you enter 100 in Enter Dollars $: and 1 in Enter points against each $: then it means customer will rewarded 1 point for each 100 dollars spending.

And when customer wants to utilize its points as a discount then system will minus 1 dollar against each 100 dollar as a discount on order or in other words we can say, 1% discount is calculated on total amount...

Note: reward points are show in the customer's account after the successful completion of the order and when admin change the order status to complete in admin panel.


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