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Admin Panel User Guide

Technical Specifications

This Administrator’s guide describes Bit-Cart’s admin panel Graphical User Interface (GUI). It shows you how to use each screen in the GUI of admin panel

  • 1- Use the Introduction to get a basic overview of Bitcart.
  • 2- Use the Getting Started chapter to start setting up and using your store right away.
  • 3- Use the Table of Contents (page 5), List of Figures (page 15) and List of Tables to find information about a particular screen in the GUI.
  • 4- Use the Index to find information on a specific keyword.
  • 5- Use the Troubleshooting chapter to diagnose and solve specific problems.
  • 6- Use the rest of the user’s guide to see in‐depth descriptions of BitCart’s features.

  • Customer Support

    If you have a problem about Bit-Cart e-commerce shopping cart software that is not covered in this user’s guide or the online knowledge base (click the Help link in the toolbar), please log into Bit-Cart’s client area (using the login details given to you by Bit-Cart) and submit a support ticket


Sales & Support

Call: 800.223.1891


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