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BitCart Settings Module Configurations

BitCart Shopping Cart's store settings allow you a great degree of freedom in the way that your store works, and how it works together with other online and offline systems including affiliate marketing programs, accounting applications, shipping quotation and tracking systems, analytics packages, live chat services, email marketing, online knowledge bases and notification methods such as MSN messenger and SMS (text messaging).

This module is further subdivided into the following blocks;

Setting Name


Application Settings

The Application settings screen allows you to configure a wide variety of your application's basic and back-end settings including Website, Globalization, Layout, Backup, logging, vendor and additional settings.

Add on Setup

You can use this tab to manage available add-ons, store permissions and point rewarding system.

Shipment Settings

This tab is used to configure shipment settings including store address and shipping zones.

Tax Settings

This tab is used to configure store's taxation policy.

Currency Settings

This tab is used to set currency options and exchange rate settings.

Checkout Settings

Use the General settings tab to control the ways that your store's customers can pay for their orders, whether customers must create accounts before ordering, and when your store send automatic email announcements to customers.

Accounting Settings

To set up BitCart Shopping Cart to output your store's order, product and customer information to an accountancy application.

Gift Certificate Settings

You can facilitate your customers to buy gift certificates which they can send to their contacts. Set your gift certificate preferences using gift certificate settings

Analytics Settings

You can configure BitCart Shopping Cart to work with an analytics application (such as Google Analytics) by using analytic settings. Analytics applications allow you to see highly detailed information about your store's visitors and customers.

Affiliate Settings

You can configure your affiliate conversion code by using affiliate settings.

Notification Settings

You can set your notification method by using notification settings. Notifications are helpful to intimate customer on their orders and order processing.

Live Chat Settings

You can setup your live chat settings with any third party chatting application using live chat settings.

BitCart Shopping Cart supports the integration of live chat applications into your store. This allows customers to get in touch with a store representative immediately.

Returns Settings

You can configure your store to accept return requests from customers for certain specific reasons, for any reason, or to disallow return requests complete

Gift Wrapping Settings

You can configure gift wrapping setting by using this tab. BitCart allows you to offer gift wrapping options to customers. You can offer these free of charge, or set a charge for each setting.

Image Batch Processing

Image batch processing helps to apply all change in one click to all images which were made in application settings.

Email Marketer

Email Marketer is a BitCart product that you can use to manage your mailing lists, promotions, mailing lists and other email-based activities. You can integrate BitCart and Email Marketer to work together using this tab.


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