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What type of products I can sell using Bitcart?

You can sell Tangible (Physical) as well as Intangible (Digital or Downloadable) products, using Bitcart. When you add a new product to online store, you can specify product nature "Tangible" or "Intangible".

You have to disable shipping on intangible product and similarly you need to enable shipping on tangible products.

How can I add a new category for products?

To add a category, go to admin panel and navigate to "Products" section. Click "Product Categories" from sub menu. You will see list of all product categories, click on "Create a Category" button.

You can add category name, category description, associate it to parent or child categories. You can also add category image for new category.

Complete category details and click "Save & Exit" button.

Can I import store data from third party shopping carts?

Yes, you can import store data from third party shopping carts by using Bitcart's "Store Importer". Visit our store importer wizard page and you can import your entire store data if you are using one of the shopping carts below:

CubeCart 4.0
Oscommerce 2.2
X-cart 4.1
ZenCart 1.3.8

For importing store data, go to admin panel, navigate to "Tools" area and then click "Store Importer". Choose third party shopping cart you are operating.

If you want to remove store data before starting store importer then check the option "Delete everything in my store application first". Submit exact URL of the home page of your third party shopping cart in the required field and click "Next" button. Accept disclaimer by selecting all the check boxes. If you want to import a single part of store then select "I only want to import part of my store" and specify store data which you want to import. In next step, select categories task to import categories. Once categories are imported, click run task link beside product tasks. This will import your store data.


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