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Coupon codes

How can I create coupon codes?

Coupon codes allow you to offer discounts to your customer when purchasing products from your online store. You can generate a coupon for a specific category or product. To generate a coupon code, click the Promotions in left bar of admin panel, choosing Manage coupon codes option and then clicking on the Create a Coupon... button.

While you are at Create a Coupon page, you can enter the details like how much discount you want to offer, minimum purchasing and specific category or product if any.

Following are the detail about fields:

Coupon code: This field's value is auto generated by the system and used as a coupon code.

Coupon name: You should give the coupon code you are creating a descriptive name for your ease, such as "20% off discount". The coupon's name is only visible to you.

Discount amount: Here you can add a fixed value of discount or percentage value.

Expiry Date: Here you can mention expiry date for your coupon code. This is an optional expiry date after that this coupon code can no longer be used to receive a discount.

Minimum purchase: With this field you can restrict any coupon code to be used on or above the this much minimum purchase

Number of uses: Enter how much number of times this coupon code can be used before it automatically expires. Set to 0 to have this coupon never expire based on the number of times it is used.

Applies to: A coupon code can be applied on a specific product or category. If you want coupon code to be able to use for all products in one or more categories, select category/categories from the box. If you only want coupon code to work for one or more specific products, click on the "This coupon code can be used with these products" radio button.

Then click the Add a Product... button to choose one or more products for which this coupon code can be used

When you're done click save

A new coupon code will be created and you will see the coupon's unique code on the View Coupons page.

You can now copy the coupon code and share it with customers or prospects. Your customer will receive whatever discount you have assigned to the coupon, when they enter the coupon code in your store.

How can my customers use a coupon code?

Before anyone can use a coupon code you must create the coupon code. Once you have created the coupon code it's easy for your customers to use it.

Here's how:

1. Provide the customers with the unique code that was generated when you created the coupon code.

2. When the customer has found and added the products to cart and view cart detail or go for check out.

3. There is a box where user can enter his coupon code

4. After they enter the coupon code and click on the Go button,

the discount associated with the coupon code will be applied to any products in their cart for which the coupon code was associated when it was created

How can I disable coupon codes in my store?

Yes.  You can disable coupon codes in your store, with either delete all of the coupon codes or disable all coupon codes:
For Deleting all coupon codes, click the Promotions tab and choose the manage coupons codes. Click the first checkbox in the left column to select all coupon codes and then click the Delete Selected button.

For disabling all coupon codes you have to edit all of the coupon codes and uncheck the enable check box.

Can I limit the number of times a coupon code can be used?

Yes. It's easy to limit the number of times a coupon code can be used.

When you are creating a coupon code or editing a coupon code page, you will see a field labeled Number of Uses. Here you can enter how much number of times that coupon code can be used.


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