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Customers are the people who visit your store's website and purchase goods. Usually, customers create customer accounts with your store, although you can enable "guest checkout," which allows customers to place orders without creating an account. An account with your store helps a customer to make subsequent purchases more quickly, since BitCart stores billing and shipping address details. You can also give customers with accounts discounts or other special offers in order to encourage customer sign-up and retention.

When a customer creates an account (or a BitCart administrator creates an account for a customer) you can track the customer's purchasing habits, see lists of purchased products and view customer statistics. You can also give customers store credit (this is one method of providing refunds).

Note: You can export customer information in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format.

Customers menu allows you to view and manage records of all the people who are registered with, or have ordered from, your store.

Customers can be added to your store in two ways:

  • 1- A customer signs up to your store.
  • 2- A BitCart staff member (or store owner) adds a customer's details to the store database.

By default, anyone wishing to purchase items from your store must create a store account. All customers must provide certain personal information (email address, name, shipping address, etc.) in order to open a store account.

Customers must also choose a store password. This allows customers to return to your store, log in using their email address and password, and view and modify details of their account and orders.


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