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Navigation System in Bit-Cart E-commerce Market Place

Navigation or search system plays a vital role in the success of any online business. In fact, it is equally important especially in the case of Multi vendor E-commerce business as there is more number of products listed in it. And if your customer unable to find out the product that he is looking for, he’ll definitely get fed-up from your online store and possibly won’t return.

When you have a small number of products on your shopping cart for website with order buttons, you don’t need to worry much about navigation system or search bar. Actually small stores with few products can get away with an effortless menu on the main/ home page, usually with a small image of the desired product. Your customer has to click on the image that takes him to the product he was actually looking for.

But in the case of multi store ecommerce business, you have more products listed where you definitely need a well thought out and highly workable navigation system. The best shopping cart for website offers not just one, but many different navigation systems, such as:

  • Top Selling Products’ Search,
  • Hierarchical Category Navigation System,
  • Sub-category Browsing System,
  • Hot Products,
  • About Current Deals,
  • Specials & Sale Items,
  • Related Products Navigation System and many more.

Today more or less, sophisticated Market place E-commerce software has a comprehensive navigation system including main category or several sub-categories to each product, so these products or items can be easily linked to the store’s dynamic menu arrangement. Better navigation system allows you to place a product in several categories, so it can be found in several perspectives.

To shrink the silky thread of discussion, we can say that ideally your objective should be to provide an effective and highly functional navigation system while building online store. Actually, it’s all about facilitating your potential customers in their relevant products search.


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