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Payment Processing in Bit-Cart E-commerce Multi Vendor

On both sides; either on customer’s side or the vendor’s site, safe & secure payment processing system is equally important for any successful online business. There are more than a few online payment processing options available these days. It’s all up to you that which option you select for your E-commerce multi vendor shopping cart.

Whichever payment processing option you select, always keep in mind some of the given below necessary features, such as:

Fraud Protection Feature – Very important for your Multi store cart as you not only have to protect your valued customers from any fraud or scam credit card billing, but to protect yourself as well. Many multi store shopping cart solutions offer this option with billing address and electronic check verification.

Managing Account – A feature that you shouldn’t fail to notice is your access to your account for checking your finances and remaining balance, history of electronic statements and transactions, past history of deposits, withdrawals, fees and taxes etc.

Compatible with OS – Always remember that the operating system (Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Apple Macintosh OS X, and Linux) on which you run you’re shopping cart hosted should support your online payment processing system as well without any limitations.

Tax Calculation – Very importantly, your payment processing solution should calculate taxes effectively.

High-security Protection – If your payment processing option offers encrypting information and password authentication, then it’s good and safe for you and your customer. Because most customers will not purchase your company products if they don’t feel secure on your Multi store shopping cart site.

Multiple Transactions – It’s important for any payment processing system to support multiple transactions simultaneously, completing hundreds to thousands of transactions on parallel basis as required.

Customer Database – This feature is typically more important for your customers who enjoy visiting your site again and again and always find something new and interesting to purchase. Your E-commerce multi vendor business solution should keep all the billing address or credit card information of these customers.

Taking the decision on the payment processing service may take some time but not the wastage of time. You can view side-by-side reviews online on payment processing solutions and then it will be become much easier for you to select the right and secure solution for your multi store eCommerce Solution.


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