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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

What are the prerequisites for running Bitcart online shopping software?

If you choose Bitcart hosted version then nothing is required as prerequisites and we take care of its installation and configuration. In case of Bitcart Licensed, you will need to have a web server which fully supports PHP (5.1.3 or greater) and MySQL (4.1.0 or greater).

Server Side Requirements:

PHP 5 & PHP 5.2
MySQL Server 5.0
100 MB of Disk space
Ioncube loaders support

Can I run my online store without understanding HTML or PHP?

Yes, you can run Bitcart without having any technical skills.

What are the languages which Bitcart supports?

Currently, Bitcart supports only English language. However, upcoming versions of Bitcart will be multilingual.

How do I try a live demo of Bitcart product?

Click here to try live demo of Bitcart.

How do I purchase Bitcart?

For purchasing BitCart hosted Click here
For purchasing BitCart Licensed Click here

What type of support is available in Bitcart?

We provide active support through the following ways:

Installation FAQ's

How can I install Bitcart?

You can install Bitcart in just 4 simple steps:

Step 1: First upload all the files at your webserver by using builtin uploader.

Step 2: Create a new database before starting installation.

Step 3: After uploading, To install Bitcart visit www.your-domain-name/install/ . The installer runs as you enter the following information:

  • Enter email address that you have specified at the time of registration.
  • Enter the Database server name.
  • Enter Database user name and password.
  • Next, you can view your site URL, Store Front Demo, and Admin Panel


Step 4: Now Upload your license file at the root folder where bitcart is installed and enjoy selling online.

Can I setup Bitcart on my existing e-commerce website?

Yes! You can easily migrate from your current shopping cart to Bitcart automatically by using store importer functionality.

Visit our store importer wizard page in admin panel, where you can import your entire store data if you are using one of the shopping carts below:

  • CubeCart 4.0
  • Oscommerce 2.2
  • X-cart 4.1
  • ZenCart 1.3.8


How much time does it requires to setup my online store?

After uploading all the files at your server, it will take only 2 to 3 minutes to complete the setup. However, time may be required for order confirmation and license issuance.

Do you offer free installation?

Yes, we provide free installation service with all of our solutions. In case of "Bitcart Hosted", we will host your ecommerce site and provide free installation with configuration.
In case of Bitcart Licensed solution, if you required or facing any dificulty in uploading/installation process then you can contact us for the assistance. Installation servecie is absolutly free with Bitcart Licensed solutions too. You just have to provide us your web hosting information like hosting control panel access, FTP user name and password etc...


What type of products can I sell using Bitcart?

You can sell anything like physical products (perfumes, phones etc) or downloadable (e-books, Music songs, software) by using Bitcart.

Can I add multiple product options or variations?

Yes, you can add as many multiple options or variations with your store products as you like. For example, size, color etc.

Can I add categories and subcategories?

Yes, you can add categories and subcategories for your store products up to 10 levels.
To add a Category/ Subcategory, go to admin panel and navigate to "Products" section.
Click "Product Categories" from sub menu. You will see list of all product categories, click on "Create a Category" button.
Fill out the form with category details and click "Save & Exit" button.

Can I show a product in multiple categories?

Yes, you can show a single product in multiple categories in Bitcart. If you want to display a product in multiple categories, go to admin panel and navigate to "Products" area. Click "Products List" from sub menu. You will see all the list of store products.
Select a store product you want to add in multiple categories, and click on "Edit" link. You will see product categories list for this product. For selecting multiple categories, hold "Ctrl" key and select multiple categories. Press "Save & Exit" and changes will be saved.

Can I import store data from third party shopping carts?

Yes, you can import store data from third party shopping carts by using "store importer". Visit our store importer wizard page and you can import your entire store data if you are using one of the shopping carts below:

  • CubeCart 4.0
  • Oscommerce 2.2
  • X-cart 4.1
  • ZenCart 1.3.8


How can I add customers to my online store?

To add a new customer to your online store, first login to admin panel and navigate to "Customers" section, click on "Add a Customer" button from submenu. Here you will see customer registration form, complete the form and click "save and exit" button.

Can I track the most active customers of my store using Bitcart?

Yes, you can track your active customers using Bitcart "Reports" section in admin panel. Here you can find option for reports like "Top 20 Customer", "Hot Selling Products" and Locations from mostly order are placed etc, etc...

Is there any option for my customers to check their order status?

Yes, your store customers can check their order status if they have a registered account on your store. They just need to login to their account using their user name and password.
A notification email is sent to customer as well, as soon as order status has been changed.


How do I add orders in my store?

To add new order in your online store, first login to admin panel and click "Add Order" from the submenu of "Orders".
To add an order for a customer, click on Tab "existing customer", "new customer" or "unknown customer" submit order and customer details. Click "save and exit" button when you have done.
The order will not be associated with any customer, if you add an order for "unknown customer".
As you add an order in your online store, the inventory status will be updated automatically.

How can I check order status?

You can check order status simply by signing in to admin panel. From the menu, go to "Orders" section and click "Manage Orders". Here you will see a list of orders with their status.

How do I change order status in my store?

To change or update the order status in your online store, first login to admin panel and browse the "Orders" section, click "Manage Orders" from the submenu and you will see a list of all store orders.
Select your desired order(s) and click the drop down menu that says, "Select an option". From the list, you can change order status and click "submit" button.
You can change the order status collectively as well as one by one too...

Will I receive notification for new orders?

Yes, Admin will receive order notification for new orders as soon as order is placed, at the email address which you have configured in admin panel.

How do I remove orders from my store?

To remove orders from your online store, first login to admin panel and click "Manage Orders" from the submenu of "Orders". You will see a complete list of store orders, select the orders you want to remove and go to the drop down menu that says "Select an option". Select "delete selected" option and click "submit" button.
Then all of the selected orders will be deleted.

Managing Store:

How can I apply new store design in Bitcart?

You can apply new store design only if you have bought and uploaded more than one design templates.
To apply new design, first Login to your admin panel and browse to your "Store Front" area.
On this page, you can choose your desired store designs. Click on the desired store design to apply.
Then status of your current store design will be updated and you have new store design applied to your store.

How can I purchase a new template for my online store?

Simply click here to browse design templates. Click on "buy" button to purchase, here you will see your order details. Click on Add to Cart and then checkout to complete the order.

If you want to have unique and custom design template for your store then click here to place an order and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible to get your requirements.

Can I upgrade my software for fulfilling growing needs of my online store?

Yes, you can upgrade your package through "Standard upgrade". However, we also provide you an exclusive package switching option to change your package from "Standard" to "Professional".

Can I add multiple store users?

Yes, you can add multiple store admin users and assign them certain rights through admin area like you can assign different access rights to sales staff than the account department staff's access rights in admin panel.
You are allowed to add up to 50 store admin users in Standard edition and 100 store admin users in Professional edition.

Can we use Bitcart with QuickBooks?

Yes, Bitcart is highly compatible with other accounting applications like "QuickBooks".

Payment & Shipping:

What are the Supported Payment Methods?

BitCart supports more than 50 payment methods, below is the list of some payment methods that are supported in Bitcart.

  • Paypal
  • 2Checkout
  • Google Checkout
  • Amazon Flexible Payment System
  • Amazon Simple Pay
  • MoneyBookers

For complete list of Supported Payment Methods click here

What are the credit card payment methods Bitcart works with?

Below is the list of credit card payment methods that are supported in Bitcart.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Solo
  • Australian Bankcard
  • Maestro
  • Switch
  • Laser


Can I sell products with "Free Shipping"?

Yes, you can enable "free shipping" option, by logging into admin panel and go to "Shipping Settings" from sub menu of "Cart Settings". Click "Shipping Zones" tab and you will see a list of available shipping zones in your store. Select desired shipping zone for which you want "Free Shipping" enabled and click "Edit Settings" button.

Here you can enable "Free Shipping" by checking option "Yes, Add free shipping options for this zone".

Click "Save" button when you have done and your setting will be saved.

When you add free shipping, customer will not pay any shipping charges.

Can I restrict specific locations from shipping?

Yes, you can restrict specific geographical locations by using shipping zones in your store.
For doing this, please login to admin panel and click on the "Shipment Setting" under the "Cart Settings"

What shipping methods are supported in BitCart?

The shipping methods that are supported in Bitcart are listed below.

  • Australia Post
  • Canada Post
  • FedEx
  • Intershipper
  • Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • UPS Online Tools
  • USPS


Does Bitcart support single page express checkout?

Yes, Bitcart fully supports single page express checkout. However, you can also choose the option for multiple page checkouts too.

Marketing & Promotions:

How Bitcart helps in promoting my products?

Bitcart is bundled with a number of useful tools and plug-ins which help you to market and promote your products very easily.

  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • Gift certificates
  • Export Products feed to Google products, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and
  • Automatic Point Rewarding System on Purchasing
  • Integrated Email Marketer


Sales & Support

Call: 800.223.1891


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