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General Questions

How do I try live demo of Bitcart?

Visit and click "Try Now" button. You can try "Store Front" as well as "Admin Panel" demo of Bitcart.

For "
Admin Panel", username and password will be "demo".

We recommend you to try live demo of Bitcart because it allows you to see how your storefront looks and behaves in front of customers.

How do I purchase Bitcart for my online store?

Visit Bitcart website and click on "Order" button. You will be then navigated to product page, click on "Buy now" button. On next page complete your order information and then click "Checkout". Here you will see your order details and order total. Submit your account Information, if you don't have any account on Bitcart then register your account to continue.
After submitting login information click "Continue" to add billing information. In the end, select payment method and your order will be placed on our site.
After you place order and make payment, an email of invoice will be sent to you. You will receive email every time your order is updated. You can also check your order status by visiting myaccount.

Bitcart offers two product versions called "Bitcart Hosted" and "Bitcart Licensed" each with two packages "Standard" and "Professional".

What type of support available in Bitcart?

We provide mainly three types of support which can be categorized in free customer support, premium customer support and consultation services.

Free Customer Support:
We provide "Free" support for first 30 days of product purchase to facilitate our valued clients through email and telephone. Free support service also includes 60 minutes complete training on product.

Premium Customer Support:
Premium Customer Support is for those who want to continue support for more than 30 days of product purchase. You have to pay an amount of $149 in order to get premium customer support, which will be open for whole year.

Consultation Service:

We also provide 30 minutes professional opinion free of cost. In consultation service, one of our technical experts will guide you throughout.
We also facilitate existing ecommerce store owners with free 30 minutes opinion to promote their store through different marketing ideas. 
In paid opinion, you will be charged $100 for 6 months. You can hire our staff either for marketing or ecommerce issues.

Once you place Bitcart order, we instantly provide you professional support service.

Product Images are not in same size and messing the template design?

For equalizing the product image size go to (Cart Setting > Application Setting > (Select Third tab) layouts. Now you need to change first four options for your image to resize it for your front end requirement. And after that you need to run Image Bach Processing to resize all the images in your required size. Now empty your browser cookies and after that press Ctrl + F5 to refresh web page.

E-mails are not sent to the Gmail account?

For emails issue Bitcart introduce new email sending options Mailchimp and Mandrill for sending emails notification of admin panel activity.

I have a problem to import bulk product file?

For uploading bulk product online is not a good technique. You must divide your product in small parts to upload them on online server to save your server to overload and small parts upload quickly.

Image is not displaying in main slider?

If your image in huge size or really big that does not appear in main slider because there is a size limit on it. That's why don't use too much big images.

Steps of removing demo data?

You need to remove demo data one by one by logging through admin and remove these one by one. (Customer, Affiliates, Order, Product, Vendor product, Website content, Promotions, Manage users)

Why is my website showing a blank page?

The blank page is usually caused by a php error. If your php.ini is configured to hide this error, you'll get a blank page. There are other issues also involve for showing blank page when you open your website. Server is down due to overload or your internet is really slow due to some reason.


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