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Admin & Inventory Control

Likewise an array of design templates for storefront development in your Hosted Shopping Cart software, administration and inventory control is equally important so that you can manage your inventory efficiently.

Enhanced Administration & Security

At Bitcart, we better understand the importance of administration and inventory management in any shopping cart software for a successful online business so that you can upload product/ content, edit and manage it with ease. An administration dashboard of our hosted Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software allows you to have;

  • User Accounts.
  • Multiple Account Creation Facility
  • Secured Administrative Area
  • Log Tracking System of all actions performed by users in the admin panel,
  • Per User Permissions Levels Feature
  • Fully SSL Supported
  • PCI Compliant Cart

Complete Inventory Management

For a successful online business; you always need comprehensive inventory reports and a catalog manager feature in your Online Shop Software because it tells you the actual and current state your stock. With this valuable feature, you are able to see the actual number of products sold or left behind in your inventory. Whereas, order management makes possible to view and process open orders that are still awaiting shipment. Similarly, it offers features like;

  • Automatic Inventory Control
  • Per-Product Inventory Tracking
  • Per-Product Inventory Tracking Enable/ Disable Feature
  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • Per Product Current Stock Level Setting Option
  • Per Product Low Stock level Setting
  • Inventory Tracking through Product Variations
  • Complete Return Management System

To conclude, it's very right to say that Bitcart hosted gives basic administrative and inventory control features to online business owners so that they can manage their store inventories efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

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