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Installation Guide Lines

Yes, you can install Bit-Cart yourself on your web server very easily.

Follow the instructions
  • 1. First download your Bit-Cart package from the website.
  • 2. Run the up loader and follow the steps mentioned in it, it will upload all the files to your server automatically…
  • 3. You need to create a new database before starting installation.
  • 4. Visit
  • 5. The installer runs as you add following information.
    • a. Email address, which you have registered with us.
    • b. Database server name.
    • c. Database user name and password.
    • d. Admin user name and Password.
  • 6. After adding information, click on submit button.
  • 7. Then you have to upload your licensed file, which we have sent at order completion, in root directory where Bit-Cart is installed.

Must re-check some important things before installation.

  • 1. Check that your web server meets the system requirements completely.
  • 2. Ensure that you can access your web server via shell or FTP.
  • 3. Connect to your MySQL server and create a database for Bit-Cart.
  • 4. Check attached License file before install.

Unless if you don’t understand, you can request for installation service and we assure you complete installation in a very safe and secure way. In case of inconvenience, please contact our support at:

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Toll Free: 800-223-1891

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