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Manage Users

Managing BitCart's Users

This section will describes, how to use the Manage Users Module.

Users Overview

BitCart allows you to set up and manage unlimited user accounts. Use different user accounts to control what different users of BitCart may and may not do.

You may want to do this if, for example, only certain employees should have access to customer lists, while other employees need to design HTML content or product pages, or if you are providing BitCart as a service to clients who should have access to only certain areas of the application.

User Permissions

You can assign different privilege levels and settings to individual users. These include:

  • Sales staff permissions: these relate to day-to-day store operations such as managing customer details, order details, HTML pages, reviews, and so on.
  • Sales manager permissions: these relate to store management operations such as managing products, statistics, brands, categories, news items, product variations, and so on.
  • System administrator permissions: these relate to system administration operations such as managing BitCart users, vendors, BitCart settings, importing settings and data, design settings, and so on.
  • Whether users have access to the XML API (extensible Markup Language Application Programming Interface).


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