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When your customers place orders in your store, information about these orders is automatically added to BitCart. The orders list contains details of uncompleted orders on which action must be taken, or for which you are waiting for something (payment, for example), and completed orders (shipped, cancelled or returned).

As well as containing information about the products ordered, each order record includes:

You can perform a wide variety of actions on each order, including:

    1- An order ID number.

    2- A status condition (pending, awaiting shipment, shipped, etc.) This helps facilitate stock management.

    3- Payment information.

    4- Shipping information.

    5- Order comments (visible to BitCart staff and customers).

    6- Staff notes (visible to BitCart staff, and not customers).

    7- A shipment tracking number, if required.

    8- Modifying an order's details.

    9- Changing an order's status.

You can do this once you have performed an action related to an order; preparing a package for shipping, or providing a refund, for example.

    1- Printing an invoice or a packing slip to accompany an order.

    2- Creating a shipment from an order (see Shipments).

    2- Managing shipments.

    4- Managing return requests (orders that customers want to return).

    5- Importing tracking numbers in bulk (see Tracking Numbers).


When you are ready to ship an order to a customer, you should create a shipment. This adds an entry to the shipments list, which holds information about the orders that have left your store.

You can use the shipments list to quickly find out when an order was shipped, to whom, and where. For this reason, it is important to ensure that information in the shipments list tallies as far as possible with events in the real world. For example, if you create a shipment in BitCart one day, and then take the package to the shipping agent two days later, your shipment list will be misleading if the customer calls up to enquire about his order status. Thus, it is recommended that you create shipments in BitCart only once you have actually shipped the item.

Note: Updating an order's Status to Shipped does NOT create a shipment. The only way to create a shipment is to select Ship item(s) in the order's Actions menu in the Orders > Manage orders screen.

Note: If you delete an entry in the shipments list, it does not affect the associated entry in the orders list.

Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers allow your customers (shipment receivers) and you (the shipment sender) to check up on the progress of a shipment via a telephone or online system, operated by your shipping agent (the Post Office, or a private courier service such as FedEx or UPS). When a shipment passes certain points along its route, it is identified on the shipping agents system, and the tracking database is updated with new location and time information (such as "loaded onto international flight XX123 at Chicago O'Hare airport, IL, bound for Jakarta, Indonesia, at 04:30H 2008-12-18").

Note: Bear in mind that tracking systems operated by state run shipping agents (such as the US Postal Service) may not be able to track shipments past international borders unless a specific agreement exists with the receiving country's shipping agent. However, private courier services with a presence in both sending and receiving countries are more likely to provide door-to-door international tracking.

In BitCart, you can associate a tracking number with an order. You should do this when you receive the tracking number from your shipping agent. This allows the customer to view the tracking number, by logging into your store and checking the order details, as soon as possible.

If you receive a tracking number from your shipping agent and enter it into an order's record before you create the shipment, the shipment list record contains the tracking number.

However, if you receive the tracking number after you create the shipment you cannot update the shipment. You can, however, update the order record; this allows the customer to view the tracking number by logging into your store. For this reason it is somewhat preferable to create shipments once you have the tracking number, although it is by no means necessary.


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