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Bitcart PCI Compliance

Enjoy Secure and Risk Free Online Selling

PCI-Payment Cart Industry is a data security standard (DSS), which indentifies a set of best practices of using credit card information. PCI minimizes the loss incurred by credit card companies from credit cart frauds and maximizes security of online transactions. PCI compliance standard was developed by leading credit card payment brands.

An online business, which uses credit card information of customers, must fulfill Data Security Standard of PCI. In other case, your business will be penalized against heavy fines or your business may not be able to accept credit card payments.

Real time online selling businesses always make sure to safeguard their shopper's personal information. Your shoppers never trust your online shopping store for shopping if your business does not protect their secret information.

We are glad to tell you that we have our participation in credit card processing chain. Our both product versions, &Bitcart Hosted& and &Bitcart Licensed& are PCI compliant. Bitcart meets the stringent pre-requisites of PCI to secure sensitive credit card information.

We are cooperating with ControlScan to give simplified process of making your online website compliant with PCI. We suggest ControlScan, however you may use any PCI vendor you want in your PCI compliance. For choosing a vendor for PCI compliance, please visit list of PCI vendors. You can become a PCI compliant in three actions.

Get PCI Compliance in 3 Actions:

1- Checking Your Network:

ControlScan will perform scan on your ecommerce site and indentifies areas of possible security threats. ControlScan will scan your website weekly, monthly or whenever you need scan.

2- PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire:

Submit online Questionnaire of PCI Assessment to your bank for validation purpose, by using PCI portal.

3- Resolving Problems:

You will see scanning results after using the PCI portal in form of scan reports. Scan reports give you complete understanding of how to secure weak areas of your ecommerce website through easy steps.


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