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Promotions Module

This section explains how to use the Promotions Module in the navigation menu bar.

Promotions Overview

BitCart assists the promotion and marketing of your store in a variety of ways.

Manage Banners

Use BitCart's banner creation and editing feature to design or import text, image, or flash animation banners to display at the top or bottom your store's pages. You can choose the pages on which each banner displays, and use different banners on different pages.

To see the banners you created for your store, click Promotions > Manage banners. This is default screen and displays all banners created earlier. When a banner is created then it is appeared in the default screen under promotions > manage banners.

Manage Banners

Create a Banner

Click this to design a new banner for use at the top or bottom of your store's pages.

Delete Selected

Select a banner's checkbox and click this to remove the banner from BitCart. The banner cannot be retrieved.


Use this to search your banner names. Enter the term for which you want to search and click Search. When you have performed a search, click Clear search results to view all banners.

Select a banner's checkbox before clicking Delete selected.

Select the box at the top of the column to select all banners.

Banner Name

This displays the name of the banner.

Selected Template

This field displays selected template.


This displays the page in your store on which the banner displays, and the location in which it displays (the top or bottom of the page). Click a page title to view the page in a new window.

Date Created

This displays the date on which you created the banner.


This displays a tick () if the banner is visible to customers in your store. This displays a cross () if the banner is not visible to customers in your store. Click the icon to toggle visibility on or off.


Click Edit to modify the banner and its settings.


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