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Can I track active customers on my store using Bitcart?

Yes, you can track active customer on store by logging into admin panel, by navigating to "Reports" area and click "Store Analysis". You will see multiple tabs, click on "Top 20 Customers" and give date range for example, all times, this month, yesterday or give a custom search. Press "Go" button and you will see customers details based on search preferences along with their spending.

You can also see revenue earned from each customer by navigating to "Reports" and click "Customers History". To view revenue earned by each customer, click "Revenue Per Customer" tab and give a range of period like all times, 30 days, yesterday or give a custom search and press "Go" button. You will see list of customers along with their spending in the period of time you specified.

What kind of reports and stats Bitcart can generate?

BitCart is bundled with a very powerful and sophisticated reporting system, you can analyze over all store performance, top 20 customers, hot selling products and the locations from where most of the order are placed...

You can view reports for order history, product statistics, customer history and search trends too...


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