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Add-on Development Services:

“Increase versatility with growth”

The powerful add-ons make your online shopping cart software more flexible as it faces large volume of online sales. Add-on service optimizes your e-commerce shopping cart software functionality in such a way that your customer never finds the reason to switch. This professional service is launched for the sole purpose of increasing your online sales to ultimate levels regardless of your business nature.

We feature Add-on development service in two ways

Built-in Add-ons:

Built in add-ons come with our product and do not require special request for it. Simply visit our website and you can purchase the desired add-on for just $50. Select the desired add-on and click on the buy button to complete the buying process. After purchasing, you will be able to add it in your store through the admin panel.

Points Rewarding System

Point rewarding system enables you to define points against each spending of a customer. You can even customize the points gaining criteria that can let you manage the discount on online product purchases. You can use your online admin panel and define how many points will be earned by customers for spending on the online products on offer.

XML Data feed Add-ons

The XML Data feed Add-ons let you post the orders formatted in XML so you can import the list in any program. Likewise, you can import to QuickBooks and Accounting System.

Custom Add on:

In addition to the above, we also provide custom add-ons at affordable rates for those who require more flexible functionality for boosting their online sales. The cost of custom add-on service depends upon the type of additional functions you wish to add in your e commerce shopping cart software. You are always encouraged to quote us for new add-ons, which will be highly appreciated.



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