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Shopping Cart Solutions come in a wide range of prices, from free of cost to hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you expect that the expensive Online Store Software has more features than the low cost or free shopping carts, then you are mistaken.

There are quite a lot of low cost or free shopping cart solutions, which are even more functional than expensive ones, and offer almost all the features that you expect in any modern Market Place Ecommerce Shopping Cart system like: Unlimited products & categories, product images, multi language, price modification feature, real-time shipping prices, featured & relevant items, product-specific taxes, quantity discounts and major payment methods.

Regrettably, there are few drawbacks also in free shopping cart for website. The major drawback in any free shopping cart is 'the lack of good or user-friendly documentation'. For instance; you'll unable to have an official user manual or guide or any official support group when you need some help regarding its uses or functionalities. So, you'll have to search online by yourself for your queries etc. Hence, free shopping cart application is not a good choice only if you are new to ecommerce because here you'll have to do everything by yourself. Instead of free shopping cart application, there are many cheap Hosted Shopping Cart in the average range of $100 to $500 (dollars) with lots of user-friendly functions. Plus, this kind of low cost shopping cart system also has a user guide (complete documentation) or official support group to help you to manage your Multiple Vendor Shopping Cart Solution by yourself without spending more money. So in my opinion, Bitcart – whether hosted or licensed, is a very powerful and user-friendly shopping cart solution for your online business.


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