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Stand-alone or Hosted ?

Today, a variety of shopping carts is available but the commonly used are two; 'Stand-alone or Hosted'. These are actually two basic models of shopping cart for website. Both have almost same functionalities but the only difference between these two models is of their prices.

In buying a Stand-alone Shopping Cart Software Solution, you have to pay a one-time fee only. Whereas, the Hosted Shopping Cart means that you have to pay monthly or yearly charges.

Stand-alone Shopping Cart Solution:

Just pay a one-time fee for this kind of Shopping Cart System and install it on your web server but remember, it needs your technical knowledge about shopping cart software installation and operations otherwise it will be a very hectic task for you. The only drawback of any stand-alone shopping cart or Multi Store Ecommerce Platform for website is its hectic installation and maintenance without Linux web servers’ & web-based software configuration knowledge. After installation, if you come across some technical problems, then you have to hire a programmer or to get technical help by paying some extra amount for the services.

Apart from this only drawback, the good thing about a stand-alone shopping cart platform is that it’s an economical and offer more features as compare to hosted or leased one.

Hosted Shopping Cart for Website:

Although, this kind of Shopping Cart Solution is easy to use, install, configure and maintain as compare to stand-alone shopping cart software but it's more expensive than the earliest one because here you have to pay monthly or yearly charges and so on. In fact, if you don’t have an experience of shopping cart installation etc, then this hosted shopping cart system is the easiest way to start your online business without wasting time. But the drawback is that the hosted shopping cart platform has fewer options of customization.

In nutshell, it is right to say that stand-alone shopping cart software or Multiple Vendor Ecommerce Shopping Cart is better than the leased one as it is less expensive and has more options of customization.


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