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Installation Services:

“Let us build the trust in you”

If you have purchased our online shopping cart software and are facing problems to integrate it with your e-commerce website, forward your issues to us and we will set up your online shopping cart without any charges.

Maximize your ease and save your spending with our best and affordable installation service. For achieving the highest performance of Bitcart flexible shopping cart software, we have launched an affordable installation service that overcomes all the hassles of our valued clients, while giving them relaxed surroundings for managing their online storefront effectively. We maximize satisfaction of online sellers from purchase to actively demonstrating online shopping cart. Our professionals are capable of handling storeowners in a personalized way, whether they are new to e-commerce or they are facing complexity in the product technicalities.

Our professional support team will collaborate with you once you purchase the online shopping cart software. You will be required to provide web hosting information and server information so that we can integrate the online shopping cart software with your existing e-commerce website with perfection. This information includes:

  • FTP server information
  • Hosting server information
  • Database name
  • Database username and password

The whole procedure is precise and perfectly orchestrated that you ultimately save on significant time and cost. We will guide you with steps involved in installation and inform you about the progress of installation. You will receive confirmation email as soon as your online shopping cart software is installed and active on your ecommerce website. The steps involved for running the online selling software properly are:

  • Configuring your ecommerce website with online shopping cart software.
  • Configuring PHP and MySQL on your server.
  • Installing Bitcart flexible online shopping cart software on your server.
  • Integrating of security modules on your ecommerce website.

Enjoy the best online selling experience as we enhance your online selling website with professional installation service. Bit Cart also providing logo design services and template design services with shopping cart installation services.

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