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Support Channels

While going for the best Ecommerce Market Place for your online business site, the most important thing to look at is it’s efficient after sales support channels. The question arises here that why is it so important to look at? Actually, most of the companies claim to be the best in providing after sales support with their Shopping Cart Multi Vendor, which is in fact the fraudulent statement at all. So, always remember some of these support channels before buying Bitcart multi-vendor mall software for your online business.

  • Live Chat Support: Here, technical support professionals will communicate with you and resolve product related issues. 24x7 live chat is available.
  • Call Back: Again call back support channel gives you technical support via phone call during office timings and elaborate how we can help you.
  • Community Forum: Product related forum where Bitcart customers discuss all the aspects of the best multi vendor hosted shopping cart solutions that can facilitate others.
  • Bitcart Help Desk: Help desk prompts you to sign up for an account to post a ticket. The ticket will contain your request and will assist us in handling your issues more efficiently. Moreover, you can also check the status of your request with the ticket number.
  • Knowledge Base Section: Knowledge base is a separate section where you get the knowledge of managing your Ecommerce store. This channel covers all the information from basic to in-depth. For example: managing store order, customer, and product catalogs and personalizing your online store.
  • FAQs: Our Frequently Asked Questions category consists of very basic and common questions regarding the use of Bitcart Ecommerce Shopping Cart multi vendor. The FAQs covers questions and answers about starting an online store, installation, store design, customers, products, orders, tax and shipping etc.
  • Contact Us: And above all, you can contact by visiting Bitcart Contact Us page, by phone (800 223 1891) or by email to support team. Support Email:

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Call: 800.223.1891


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