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Shopping Cart Platform with Advanced Features

Standalone or Hosted Shopping Cart

Standalone or Hosted Ecommerce Shopping Cart; in both cases, selection of the right Shopping Cart Platform is one of the most critical steps to make your business an online success. In point of fact, it's all about the sense of security that your online business customers feel while buying your company products online. Whatever, Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software you choose to Create & Run Your Online Store, always remembers that it must be simple, easily navigate and has a great customer support.

Some Advanced Features

Some of the advanced features of Ecommerce Shopping Cart are as follows;

  • Sense of Security: Basic but the most important feature of any Online Store Software is its security. Your customers should feel a sense of security while doing online transactions.
  • Best-selling Products: With the help of this advance feature; your shopping cart automatically creates a list of your store's best-selling products so that your new customers can view all these products in one go.
  • Relevant Products: By this; you can relate your multiple products so that your potential customers may see all the products they are looking for.
  • Popup Style Image: Very important feature as it allows you to add your product images in popup style.
  • Automatic Inventory Control: Obvious by name that this advanced feature of your Multi Vendor Cart automatically makes product 'Available' or 'Unavailable' according to stock.
  • Products' Price Modifier: It automatically adjusts the price tags of products according to their sizes, colors etc.
  • Wholesale/ Retail Price: You can adjust your retail or wholesale prices with this feature.
  • Multiple Admin Accounts: This Multi Store Ecommerce Platform - Market Place Ecommerce feature gives you a permission to have multiple administration accounts.
  • Manufacturer - Product Association: It allows you to effectively associate the manufacturers of the products.
  • Delivery Means Selection: This feature of your online store software actually gives you the multiple options of delivery methods to deliver your desired product at your door-step.
  • SEO Feature: In today’s competitive online market, it's one of the most important features that allow you to optimize your products for search engines so your potential buyers can find them easily.

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