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Some Basic Store & Product Features

Do you have an exact idea of the working of any shopping cart application? If not, then how can you understand its store and product features?

So, first of all, let me define its actual working. Shopping Cart Software allows you to list or add your products on your website and collects the charges against your products automatically. In point of fact, your potential buyer buys product from your online store and in-return pays you via credit card etc. Simply, your potential customers have no need to go out of the house for shopping; they just need to access your online store at home through internet and can buy the desired products without any hassle.

Now comes some of the store & product features of shopping cart for website.

  • Unlimited Products & Categories - It means, you can add unlimited no. of products & categories but only if that shopping cart is licensed because leased shopping cart software doesn’t offer you limitless products & categories to add.
  • Price Modification Feature - It facilitates you in changing the prices of your products according to their sizes, colors, featured or sale items etc.
  • Product Images - Your functional shopping cart for website must allow you to add more than one image of your store items.
  • Featured Items - This characteristic of any functional shopping cart application allow you to show your featured or hot products at your home page.
  • Relevant Items - By this feature, you can easily relate all relevant items with each other and your potential customers can see all those products in one go.
  • Product-specific Taxes - As taxes vary from product to product, so this is the essential feature of any shopping cart that it must allow its user to add taxes value according to the product.
  • Give-away etc - It allows you to offer give-away or coupon discounts to your customers.
  • Quantity Discounts - Shopping cart application must allow you give quantity discounts to your customers.
  • Payment Methods - PayPal, are some of the payment methods mostly used worldwide, so always check your licensed or hosted shopping cart payment method before buying.

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