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After Sales Support

These days, every Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software provider claims simple installation and configuration of its shopping cart but very few stood in favor of their claim afterwards. And if you do not have the technical know-how to configure or install your shopping cart, then you have to pay some extra amount in getting quotes from the provider or a third party contractor to carry out this work for you. So, the wise decision in buying any eCommerce solution to create an online store is to check it’s after sales support services.

Bitcart's Highly Active After-Sales Support

Whether it is Multi Store Software or Bitcart’s the Best Hosted Shopping Cart; the company provides multiple after sales support solutions to help you out. You can select the kind of support that you required for your shopping cart solution.

Basic/ Free Support: The company provides 'Free' active & live 24x7 support for the first 30 days to facilitate its valued clients. Free support service comprises of 60 minutes complete training on product usage, plus free email and telephonic support.

Professional Opinion for your Ecommerce Shopping Cart: Bitcart also provides 30 minutes of professional opinion free of cost. For this, one of the company’s technical experts will communicate with you and suggest some useful tips. Basically, it helps new e-commerce sellers who don't have basic knowledge of running an Ecommerce website.

Marketing Opinion: The most important type of after sales support is of facilitating existing Shopping Cart Multi Vendor storeowners with free 30 minutes opinion to promote & optimize their store through different online marketing techniques.

Paid Opinion: In this specific case, $100 will be charged for 6 months time period and you can also hire our staff either for marketing opinion or for Shopping Cart Software installation & configuration opinion.


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