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Shopping Cart System

Remotely Hosted Shopping Cart System

Today, a large number of shopping carts are available in the market like; licensed shopping cart, hosted Ecommerce Solution, Marketplace Ecommerce – Hosted, licensed & custom, and the multi-vendor shopping cart. But don’t get confused in these, just look at the target customers of your online business and then it will become easy for you to select the one.

Lots of Advantages

Although, remotely Hosted Shopping Cart system is more expensive than the licensed one but it has lots of advantages as well.

  • Easy to Install - Create Your Own Online Store with its easy installation feature. If you don't have an experience of shopping cart installation etc, then this hosted Shopping Cart Software system is the easiest way to start your online business without wasting time.
  • Easily Maintain/ Upgrade -Remote hosting shopping cart is actually easy to maintain or upgrade. Monitoring of service is usually the key feature in this kind of shopping cart system
  • Secure Connection & Fast Implementation - Undoubtedly, the best online shopping cart hosted comes with ultimate security and quick implementation feature.
  • Save Bandwidth Charges - As the hosting Multi Vendor Cart is actually hosted on another server, so you can save on bandwidth charges, mainly when you are selling soft goods and delivering online.
  • Online Marketing Advantage - Always remember that every best Internet Shopping Mall shopping cart contains total internet marketing solutions like; Affiliate programs and the ability to send sequential pre-defined messages to your potential customers.

Few Disadvantages

In fact, remotely hosted shopping cart has few disadvantages as well like;

  • Less Customizable - The major drawback is that the hosting shopping cart platform has fewer options of customization at your end and every time you need some customization, you have to pay some extra amount for that.
  • More Expensive - It's more expensive than the licensed one as you have to pay shopping cart charges on monthly or yearly basis and so on.

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