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Small Business E-commerce Solutions

Build Your Own Online Store

Doesn't matter, if you are new to E-commerce and want to Build Your Own Online Store. It's all about having knowledge of small business shopping cart software, so you can run your online business successfully and beat your competitors. For instance, if you already have a website but simply want to integrate your new shopping cart system with the existing one; you may only need a basic small business E-commerce solution. In the way, you can enjoy a full-featured shopping cart, which can handle all your online business needs.

In point of fact, one of the advanced but necessary small business E-commerce solution features that you must keep in mind while buying shopping cart is;

Repetitive Buyer's Identification

One of the most valuable features of small business E-commerce solutions is keeping the online database of your customers including their names, addresses, contact no’s and a brief shopping history, so you may keep in touch with your valuable clients in future as well. It happens when the customer is ready to place the order; a cookie on the customer’s browser identifies him as a previous or valued customer and often recognizes his name. This feature of your Ecommerce Marketplace actually increases your sales and builds your online reputation. Moreover, you can personalize contact with such customers by:

  • Sending them Promotional Newsletters,
  • E-mailing Information about Discounts, Sales & Special Offers,
  • Giving Filled-in Shipping & Billing Address Preferences etc,
  • Product Recommendations,
  • Giving Offers based on Buyer’s Previous Purchases,
  • Acknowledging them as Valued Customers,
  • Allowing Customer to see Order History, Current Order Status etc.

Consequently, the best feature in any Multiple Vendor Ecommerce Software is its identification of the buyer on return visit. So, always keep in mind this identification feature while selecting an E-commerce Hosted Shopping Cart solution to start your business online.


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