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What’s Important in Small Business Shopping Cart?

Shopping Cart Software For Small Business

One of the most important features typically included in any Multiple Vendor Shopping Cart is the ‘Shipping Calculation’ especially when you are selling soft goods and delivering these products online. This ‘An ordering system’ is definitely a very important shopping cart feature, which has become much more sophisticated from last few years.

All modern small business Shopping Cart Software actually includes two types of shipping or delivery calculations. In this piece of writing, both the shipping calculation methodologies will be discussed in detail.

Look-up Tables Shipping Calculation:

If there is no UPS shipping calculation enabled in Multi Store Ecommerce Market Place that you are going to select for your online business, then it is crystal clear that the shopping cart you have selected is not actively maintained or upgraded. So, simply avoid such kind of shopping carts even if they are cheaper in price.

The look-up tables shipping calculation method by a merchant actually works perfectly. Hosted shopping cart solutions often include an extensive shipping calculation like ‘Shipping calculation by total sales, by weight & zone, by number of products in the order list, and by a fixed shipping price for all products’. Always keep in mind that the real shipping cost of that specific product may be a bit more or less than your look-up table setting.

Real-time Shipping Calculation:

By and large, you have to select the one shipping calculation method form these two; Look-up tables shipping calculation & the Real-time shipping calculation process that many Shopping Cart Hosted solutions allow you to add a shipping surcharge or rates. Remember, if you do a lot of shipping or handling, then the ‘Plug-ins’ supplied by some of the major shippers will be convenient for you to have the real-time shipping calculations.

Moreover, this actually based upon the type of service the customer selects. Here the process is that the merchant has to sign up with each shipping calculation services and then he has the right to limit the shipping choices for his customers like ‘UPS, DHL, FedEx, US Postal Service, Australia Post or Canada Post’.


Both the shipping calculation methods are favorable for your E-commerce cart solutions. It’s all up to your online business requirements that what type of shipping calculation methodology you actually need.


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