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How do I add a new user to my store?

You can add a new user simply by logging into admin panel and select "Manage Users". From sub menu, click "User Accounts", here you will see a list of store users. Click "Add a New User" button and you will see new user page.

Add user information like user name, password, email address etc. You may also grant specific permissions to user by expanding permissions area. Click "Save" when you have done and user will be added.

To verify your changes, go to admin panel, navigate to "Manage Users" area and click "User Accounts". You will see added user in the list of store users.

Can I view/remove staff activity from my store?

Yes, you can view or remove staff activity from your store simply by logging into your admin area and by navigating to "Tools"; here you will see "Store Events Records" button. Click on it, you will see a list of all activities of store users with their actions, date of actions and IP addresses.

You can simply select event record and click "Delete Selected "button to remove that record from your store. You can check all activities in your store and also activities of a particular user by using search option menu.

How do I edit a store user?

You can edit a store user simply logging into your admin panel, select "User Accounts" from sub menu of "Manage Users" and select desired user you want to edit. Click "Edit" link

and you will see user page where you can edit this user.

You can edit user name, password, email address, make this user active or inactive etc. You can also add or remove specific permissions for the user you are editing. Click "Save" when you have done and your changes will be saved.

Can I add a vendor in my store?

Yes, you can add new vendor in your store. Go to your admin panel, click "Vendors List" from sub menu of "Manage Users", here you will see a list of all vendors in your store. Click "Add a New Vendor" button and submit vendor information simply by adding name, phone no, email, address, city, country, state, profit margin and payment mode.

You may also write a description about vendor personal information and add vendor logo. Click "Save & Exit" button when you have done and vendor will be saved. The list of vendors will be updated in the next moment and you can verify your changes.

How do I remove vendors from my store?

You can remove vendors from your store by simply logging into your admin panel. Click "Vendors List" from sub menu of "Manage Users", here you will see a list of all vendors in your store. Select vendors you want to remove and click "Delete Selected" button and vendor list will be updated.

How to assign user account for vendor?

Yes you can assign user account to vendor for vendor sign up. For you need to login through admin panel and go to manage user tab select vendor list when you create new vendor it automatically add user account icon. You just need to click that icon

and fill the form and assign the permission of that user and then save it. That's how your vendor associated with user account for vendor sign up for multimall and marketplace sign up.

How customers apply for a vendor shop?

For customer vendor shop customer need sign up from this link ( and fill up the form for your own shop as a shop owner (shop owner has been activated by shop admin).


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