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Web Browser Installer

Pre-requisites for Web Based Installer:

  • 1- License File:
    • License file ‘license.txt’ must be placed on the root directory. Which you will receive through email. You have to upload it manually on the root directory using ftp client e.g filezilla, cuteftp etc.
  • 2- Folder permissions:
    • This is the list of folders (subfolders & files) must have the 777 permissions:
      • i. install/readme.txt
      • ii. include/site_configuration
      • iii. storecache
      • iv. storefronts
      • v. storeimages
  • 3- Ion cube loaders:
    • Ion-cube loaders must be installed on web server according to the php & OS version, to run the installer on web server.
  • 4- Database requirements:
    • Create a new database or empty existing database (MySQL 5.0 or later).
  • 5- PHP requirements:
    • PHP 5.1 or later is required on web server.
  • 6- Web server requirements:
    • Apache 2.0 or later is required on web server.

When these pre-requisites are fulfilled, now you are ready to run Bitcart web based installer to configure your store.

Web Browser Installation:

Now, you have successfully upload Bitcart files on your web server and license file is uploaded on the root directory. To run your store you need to configure it. To make this easier a one step web based installer is also uploaded with the files, which will get information from you and setup your store in seconds.

Just enter your website URL “” in web browser addresses bar

This web page will display in your browser

  • 1- SITE URL: This field is disabled; installer will automatically get your site URL.
  • 2- Email Address: Enter your email address
  • 3- DB-Name*: Enter the database name. Database will store all the store content, products and categories.
  • 4- DB-Server*: Enter Database Server name.
  • 5- DB-User*: Enter database user to access database server.
  • 6- DB-User Password*: Enter DB-user password.
  • 7- Admin User: This field is disabled, default value is admin. This is the master user of your ecommerce shopping cart software.
  • 8- Admin User Password: Enter your admin user password.
  • 9- Retype Password: Re-enter password to confirm admin user password.

*Note: Information will be provided by your web hosting / web server admin.

Now, when you fill all the fields and then click ‘Proceed to Next Step’. The next page displayed after configuring your store successfully.

This page contains ‘Store Front’, ‘Admin Panel’ Links and store admin password. Now, your store is configured.

Your store front looks like.

And your storeadmin looks like

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